Leftbank is the pairing of a building and a vision: the commercial development of a Portland landmark with a community of mission-driven tenants.

Members of the Leftbank community are passionate people. They work in different fields; they’re moved by different challenges. They share a drive to change the world.

The real world work of the Leftbank community is defined continually by the tenants themselves. Leftbank’s mission is to be the beginning, the home base. In a spirit of collaboration, Leftbank draws people and conversations into shared spaces. Thoughtful exchange among those in different arenas fosters innovation. As our varied callings cross pollinate, good things happen in the hallways.

Who are the members of the Leftbank community? From the earliest partners in the vision to the newest tenants in the building, they are people uncommonly dedicated to what they do. They devote themselves to craft, creativity, bikes, brewing, coffee, slow food, art, reuse, and community. They are folks who love hard work, and believe that the power of visibility and strength of community is taking each of us further than we could go alone.