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third floor : second floor : mezzanine : first floor : basement

The home of the Leftbank project is an integration of 3 buildings, each from its own time.

The building stands united today as a celebration of adaptation and idiosyncrasy. Striving to honor the building’s history, our further adaptation of it has focused on making simple yet thoughtful moves, relevant to today’s Portland. The material palette is elemental and raw, and favors natural finishes. We have salvaged and incorporated original materials throughout the project, restoring original light fixtures, and reusing old beams for new stairs.

Indoor and long term bike parking, showers, and meetings rooms are among the amenities available to tenants. The Stingray Cafe and other services ground the Leftbank community within the building and activate a neighborhood in need of gathering places.

Floor plans are available below. To learn more or arrange for a tour of the building, contact 503.286.6711.

Leftbank is fully leased with the exception of Suite 100 (read more here…),but accepting potential tenants on a wait list. Co-working space for individuals may be available in the Hive. Call 503.294.0400 or email Greg at Wyse for more information.


the iconic arches of the Hazelwood.
a smaller suite upstairs in the garage building.
the top floor of the storage building.
from the lobby, a glimpse of the new catwalk and skylight..
a construction era view spanning the basement and first floors of the 'garage'.
a peek of the ballroom in the midst of renovation...
a sunny day on the third floor of the Hazelwood building.
the coveted (and peculiar) space in the northernmost corner of the Hazelwood.
a simple suite on the storage building's second floor.