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about the SPACE

The home of the Leftbank project is an integration of 3 buildings, each from its own time.

The building stands united today as a celebration of adaptation and idiosyncrasy. Striving to honor the building’s history, our further adaptation of it has focused on making simple yet thoughtful moves, relevant to today’s Portland. The material palette is elemental and raw, and favors natural finishes. We have salvaged and incorporated original materials throughout the project, restoring original light fixtures, and reusing old beams for new stairs.

Indoor and long term bike parking, showers, and meetings rooms are among the amenities available to tenants. The Stingray Cafe and other services ground the Leftbank community within the building and activate a neighborhood in need of gathering places.

To learn more about the Leftbank or arrange a tour of the building email For information about available office space click here or email

The Basement

Suite 002, 004
3500 sf
Home to:
Upright Brewing

Suite 010
2335 SF
Owner's Space

Suite 012
4189 sf
Home to:
Watson Creative


The First Floor

Building lobby and Stingray Cafe

Cafe Hours:
8am – 7pm
(Monday – Friday)


Suite 100
4008 SF
Find more info here

Suite 102
373 SF
Home to:
Pacific Ocean Energy Trust

Suite 112
3551 sf
Home to:
Find more info here

Suite 115
1172 sf
Home to:
Find more info here

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 2.10.07 PM.png

The Mezzanine

Suite 118
4487 SF
home to:

Suite 122
1268 SF
Home to:
Leftbank Development

Suite 126
1273 SF
Home to:

Suite 127
743 SF
Home to:

Suite 129
2586 SF
Home to:
Portland Farmers Market



The Second Floor

Suite 201
1121 SF
Rede Group

Suite 202
3279 SF
Home to:

Suite 203
2355 SF
Home to:
EES Environmental Consulting

Suite 208
520 SF
Home to:
Paesaggio Landscaping & Architecture W

Suite 210
Home to:
the Cupcake Girls

Suite 211
1096 SF

Suite 212
1183 SF
Rede Group

Suite 213
2333 SF
Home to:

Suite 215
3894 SF
Home to:


The Third Floor

Suite 301
6611 SF
Home to:

Suite 308
4793 SF
Home to: