Paesaggio Landscape Architecture

Paesaggio is a professional landscape architecture firm serving needs in landscape design, planning and golf course development.

The firm emphasizes personalized service by working closely with clients and attending to each project from initial conception to final solution. This approach allows us to realistically resolve programmatic issues while providing quality design.

Combining modern technology with an old-world sense of detail, Paesaggio creates timeless landscapes unique in concept, structure and aesthetic.

Our dedication to our clients and profession is exhibited through continuous improvement in our design process, technical knowledge and the expansion of our comprehensive materials resources.

Paesaggio believes individual clients and individual sites deserve an individual design. Underlying every aspect of our work is our commitment to excellence in design, structure and aesthetic.

architecture w

architecturew was founded in 2001 by partners Michel Weenick and Brian White. Known for its simple yet engaging designs, the studio is founded on the pursuit of quality, craft and a belief that the art in architecture plays an important role in the quality of our collective lives.

latino network

The Latino Network’s deep dedication to their work springs from a core belief in the right of all people to participate meaningfully in the decisions that affect their lives and the lives of their families.

In order to achieve this participation, they work tirelessly to strengthen community voice, cultivate financial, educational, and leadership skills, and build trusting, supportive relationships between community members and among service organizations.

community :: top 100 list

From FMYI’s blog:

At a reception held last [Thursday] night, the Portland Business Journal unveiled its 2010 Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in Oregon. “Like a mighty salmon, these 100 businesses are King of the River and successfully made it upstream in this challenged economy,“ said Craig Wessel, Portland Business Journal Publisher. (more…)

Two of the Portland Business Journal’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in Oregon are members of the Leftbank community. Sockeye came in at 57, and FMYI ranked lucky 13. Congratulations to both! Keep swimming upstream, you kings of the river. We’re cheering you on, here from the Leftbank.

Lloyd TMA 2.0 Launch Party

Our friendly, neighborhood Transportation Management Association invites you to discover new ways to connect.  Join them at the MAC Store on Thursday for a website launch party.

TMA does important work, and they do it better with input and participation from all of us in the district.  Stop by for a party after work, meet some neighbors, and get connected with Lloyd TMA.  If all that’s not enough, there are prizes…


Thursday, June 17th
700 NE Multnomah

BREWHAHA: Democracy & Drinks

On their website, Leftbank’s own Upstream Public Health says that public health policies account for 80% of the 30-year gain in life span Americans experienced in the last century.

So, working tirelessly to support public policy that benefits all of us, Upstream recently won the Shovel-Ready Policy Contest held by the Bus Project. It was their advocacy to increase funding for the Farm to Schools Program that won dollars and volunteer hours from the Bus Project team.

To kick off the collaboration, Upstream is hosting a Brewhaha! on Tuesday, June 8th. Presentations followed by open discussion will get the ball rolling. The topic is “Pizza for Breakfast: How do Portland Public School Lunches Snack Up?” Details below:

BREWHAHA: Democracy & Drinks

Pizza For Breakfast: How PDX school lunches snack up

When: Tuesday, June 8th 7 PM

Where: Backspace, 115 NW 5th Ave, Portland, OR

Who: Everyone! All Ages! Free!

Sponsors: Bus Project, Portland Mercury, Bridgetown Printing Company

community: award winning, FMYI

Portland Business Journal and Sustainable Business Oregon invite you to the Sustainable Business Oregon Innovation Awards event.

Leftbank’s own FMYI is the small business winner!  They’re in the good company of Miller Paint and Truitt Bros., Inc. (medium and large business winners, respectively), as well as the Sustainable Vision Award winner, Zero Waste Alliance.

So next Thursday, May 27th, join the excitement at the Portland Art Museum from 11:30 to 1:00.  Bill Reinert, National Manager for Toyota’s Advanced Technology Group, will deliver a keynote address.


ios provides workspace solutions for your environment.


Think of us as a physical trainer for your brand. Sockeye will whip it into the best shape of its life. All muscle. No fat. That’s where the metaphor ends. You won’t catch us checking ourselves out in the mirror.

Welcome Upstream Public Health!

Here’s to Upstream Public Health – true pioneers in the Leftbank story.    They moved in last week amidst construction, anxious to dig in and do their good work.    On behalf of the rest of the Leftbank community,  welcome, guys!

in their words:

The Upstream Parable:

A crowd stands on a riverbank where water is raging. They try franticly to pluck out people being swept downstream. Many are missed and are swept away despite the crowd doing all they can to rescue them from this fate. Finally a scrappy group breaks off and tromps off upstream to see exactly why all the people are falling into the river. They identify the problem, think of a solution, and put it into action. The result:  People stop falling into the river, they are no longer at risk. In a nutshell, that’s public health policy at work.

Why We Work on Policy:

Oregon has people “falling into the river” every day. At Upstream, we’re working to ensure policy solutions are put in place that are effective and efficient at addressing such health risks — through prevention measures made available to all. Policy solutions are essential because they guarantee that everyone regardless of age, background, and location benefits, and ensures that future generations will be protected.