2015 Beer of the Year

Congratulations to Leftbank tenant, Upright Brewing…winner of Willamette Week 2015 Beer of the Year. Read more at links below.


2015 Beer of the Year: Engelberg Pilsner (Upright Brewing)

A Look Inside Upright Brewing, The Producer of Our ‘Beer of the Year’

It’s Back- Oyster Social at Upright!

We’ll be at Upright again on Friday, February 13 to celebrate the release of the 2015 Oyster Stout!


Oyster Social, Portland’s premiere pop-up raw bar, will be making another appearance at the Upright Brewing tasting room.

Join us to sample all their fine beers, including the release of the infamous Oyster Stout (yes, it’s really made with oysters!).

When: Friday, February 13th – 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Where: Upright Brewing Tasting Room

Who: Foster’s Craft Cooking & Upright Brewing

Sip beer and slurp freshly shucked oysters right on the spot. Eat one or a dozen–the world is your oyster at $2 each.

travel notice

Lloyd District MAX & Bus Service Disrupted August 11-15 Due to Construction

August 11th-15th, crews will replace a MAX track switch located in the intersection of NE 11th Avenue and Holladay Street. MAX will not run between Rose Quarter/Convention Center and Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave MAX stations. The switch replacement is part of ongoing investments that ensure our system remains safe and efficient for years to come.


Your travel options:

Bus service to and from Rose Quarter Transit Center is not affected.

However, in the Lloyd Center area, Line 70-12th/33rd Ave will be detoured. The stops on NE 11th and Holladay will be closed. Temporary stops will be located on NE 9th and Holladay. The stop at NE 11th and Multnomah will also be closed. Use caution crossing NE Holladay as there will be increased bus traffic.

TriMet shuttle buses will be available to take you between stations.

Shuttles will run frequently between Rose Quarter/Convention Center MAX stations and Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave MAX Station. Additionally, shuttles will run between Interstate Rose Quarter and Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave MAX stations for Green Line riders going to or from Portland City Center. If you take a shuttle, plan ahead and allow an extra 15-30 minutes for your trip.

We encourage walking between stations, if you can.

On average, it will take you 10 minutes to walk between Rose Quarter/Convention Center MAX stations and Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave MAX Station. Follow the signs to the pedestrian route. Stay on the sidewalk on the south side of Holladay Street and obey crosswalk signals, as it is the safest and fastest route.

If you bring your bike on MAX, you should either walk or ride between stations.

It takes about 10 minutes to ride between Rose Quarter/Convention Center MAX stations and Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave MAX Station. Shuttle buses have limited space for bikes, which may cause an additional wait. Follow the signs to the cyclist route. Use NE 11th Avenue, Multnomah Street and NE Wheeler Avenue, as it is the safest and fastest route. Please walk your bike along NE 11th Avenue and through Rose Quarter Transit Center. Obey all traffic signals along the route and use extra caution around buses. If you choose to walk your bike to the Rose Quarter area, follow the signs to the pedestrian route.

For more information, please visit the TriMet website.

for the love of oysters

For the love of oysters join us for Oyster Social.

Oyster Social is a chance to step into the sea, in your mind’s eye, with your mouth on a bivalve and your hands on a brew.

When: Wednesday April 16 6pm-shellfish are gone
Where: Upright Brewing Tasting Room
Who: Foster’s Craft Cooking & Upright Brewing

Oyster Social will again pop up in the Upright Brewing tasting room to toast the end of the regular season of the Blazers home games. Come taste a flight of Upright beers including their latest batch of award winning Oyster Stout (yes, it’s really brewed with oysters).

Sip beer and slurp freshly shucked oysters right on the spot. Eat one or a dozen–the world is your oyster at $2 a pop!

This is a cash only event. Bring your $1’s!

Oyster Social. Poppin’ Bottles and Bivalves since 2013.

ORANGEWALLstudios architecture+planning celebrates 10 years!


Please join us in celebrating our 10-year anniversary Thursday January 23rd from 4:30pm-7:30pm. Listen to the sounds of the band Pynnacles (playing from 6:30-7:30) while enjoying beer, wine and food. We hope to see you all there!


“The Pynnacles bring back the vitality of raw classic Psyche/Garage with some dance floor filling songs. Featuring members of Satan’s Pilgrims, Big Elf, Paradise and Crackerbash this crew has the experience without any of the burn out. Tune In, Turn On, Freak Out!!!!” – The Pynnacles

orangewallstudios 2013
organgewallstudios 10 years

Community Happy Hour

This past Friday started off on the dreary side weather wise. But the afternoon ended up a whole lot sunnier thanks to the good company of Leftbank tenants. Folks from throughout the building gathered for Leftbank’s Late Summer Happy Hour to mingle and connect with one another. We know how important community is to all of us. We also know that it can be hard to break away from the work we love for a little fun too. This happy hour gathering was a big success thanks to all the smiling faces who left their desks a little early. Sincere thanks go out to everyone for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet and mingle with fellow Leftbankers. A special thanks to our friends at Stingray Cafe for treating us to beer and serving up some great food. See you next time!

The Morel of the Story: Best Breakfast Ever

By Debra Meadow of Blue Raven Wellness

My husband I had friends over last weekend and one of the couples brought gold for a hostess gift.  They handed me a limp, slightly damp brown paper bag, saying, “Hope you can use these.”  I peered inside to find a nest of perfect morel mushrooms.  Not just three or four, but about a half pound.  Like I said: Gold.  With friends like these, who needs other friends?  Just kidding, other friends: We love you, too.

Morels are difficult to cultivate, which accounts for their rich price tag.  They are the same species as the truffle, so if you look at it that way, they’re a bargain!  As with most wild mushrooms, they are very nutritious and, according to the USDA, are high in iron, phosphorus and potassium and one of the best plant sources of vitamin D.  But, really, I’d just as soon get my vitamin D from the sun.  I eat morels because they are fresh, wild and soooooo over-the-top delicious.  They have an earthy, nutty flavor that sings in comparison to the nearly tasteless cultivated white mushroom, but it’s also not as powerful as the strong-tasting shiitake mushroom. Read more…

psu portland farmers market is open!

We’re excited too! We’ll see you at the PSU Market on Saturdays, where we can all see our favorite farmers and fill our baskets with fresh produce, pastured meats, farm eggs, artisan cheeses, breads, local wines and so much more!

Saturdays, March 16 through December 21
8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (Mar. through Oct.)
9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (Nov. & Dec.)

Location: SW Park Ave & SW Montgomery St., Portland, OR 97201

Looking for more info from Portland Farmers Market? Click here.

leftbank workshop

Filmed over two days, Tanner Goods cut together a handful of time-lapse shots featuring their crew working a typical eight hour workday at their Leftbank Workshop. For those who haven’t visited their space before, their production is broken into four categories and varies in size depending on how many styles fall within that category [as well as how many units they need to produce each season]. This is a quick glimpse into what a typical day looks like for them.

Welcome to our Workshop from Tanner Goods on Vimeo.

beautiful work, beautiful building

Sometimes I keep my head down and slog through the decidedly unsexy parts of my work. You know, drafting agreements, tracking budgets, connecting dots between tenants and property management… And sometimes I take a breath, I look up, and I notice the fantastic range of things that are made, decided, or first conceived of in this building. Sometimes I wish I were a fly on the wall in every office so I could take in the full range of creativity and dedication this place is so rich with.

When Daniela Caine joined the Hive, I was introduced to her freelance design work through her company the gestalter. Turns out Daniela, like nearly every Leftbanker I know, has eggs in more than one basket. She’s also part of a recently launched company designing and selling patterns for children’s clothing. While Daniela designs for a number of larger companies (including Nike, Adidas, and Columbia), Figgy’s is an inspired, personal venture. Just for fun, when you click on the link in that last sentence – see if you recognize Leftbank.

There isn’t enough time in the day to take in and fully appreciate all that Leftbankers do, but I had to share this irresistible spark. Daniela makes me wish I could sew.