Sunday Parkways

Have you experienced Sunday Parkways in Portland? On 5 summer Sundays in 5 different Portland neighborhoods, streets close to cars and open to a glorious, neighborly utopia! It’s like a block party for miles. From Portland Bureau of Transportation’s website:

Portland Sunday Parkways is about connecting neighborhoods and people: walkers, runners, bicyclists, seniors, adults, and children all enjoying streets filled with surprises, performers, physical activities and food – and traffic-free. The 6-8 mile routes connect Portland’s beautiful parks and offer a chance for participants to listen to music, try other activities, such as hula hooping, or just relax and enjoy the smiling faces.

You can walk, run, or just hang out at Sunday Parkways, but the opportunity to ride bikes down the middle of the street with loads of other merry-makers is one I look forward to all year long. So, come experience one! The first 2011 event is this Sunday, 11-4. It’s “East” and the loop passes through Lents, Bloomington, Ed Benedict and Gilbert Heights Park, including a section of the Springwater Trail.

Realizing the Sunday Parkways season is upon us got me all fired up about recreational rides with the family in coming months. In my daydreaming, I stopped by and stumbled across recent photos in a series that Jonathan Maus is running. If you need some summer riding inspiration, treat yourself to this: bikes on the waterfront.