suite 215

suite 215 is home to Strategies 360.

Targeted strategic communications to position you for success, no matter what the challenge. With offices in 10 Western states and Washington, D.C., and deep expertise in industry sectors and service areas, we create the environment for business and public policy success for our clients

suite 213

suite 213 is home to SKIDATA.

SKIDATA is a global leader in access management and ticketing solutions, providing fast and safe access for people and vehicles.


suite 212

suite 212 is AVAILABLE.

More info coming soon! Contact Wyse at 503.294.0400.



suite 211

suite 211 is home to Sports Basement & SKIFF.

suite 208

suite 208 is home to Paesaggio Landscape Architecture and architecture w.

Paesaggio is a professional landscape architecture firm serving needs in landscape design, planning and golf course development.

architecturew was founded in 2001 by partners Michel Weenick and Brian White. Known for its simple yet engaging designs, the studio is founded on the pursuit of quality, craft and a belief that the art in architecture plays an important role in the quality of our collective lives.

suite 203

suite 203 is home to EES Environmental Consulting.

EES is a focused environmental consulting firm specializing in practical, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of environmental challenges.

We work closely with owners, prospective purchasers, and attorneys to identify client needs, investigate site conditions, evaluate risks, and develop appropriate technical strategies in support of business goals and regulatory requirements.

suite 202

suite 202 is AVAILABLE.

More info coming soon! Contact Wyse at 503.294.0400.

suite 201

suite 201 is home to Rede Group.

The Rede Group is a full service consulting company dedicated to working with their clients to create great outcomes. They take a team approach using the wealth of experience and expertise within their firm to put together projects, processes and training that will meet each clients unique objectives. They use the latest technology in all aspects of their work allowing them to communicate very effectively and to work within your budget.