Rose Quarter Redevelopment – an update.

On Tuesday scores of people descended on Leftbank to participate in a public forum regarding rapidly advancing plans for redevelopment in the Rose Quarter.    ((See the background post here))    Plans were presented, and a wide range of views and challenges were heard… (more below)

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While a lot has been written about these plans in the last few days, many are still largely unaware of the proposal, the process, or the potential ramifications of such a bold move.      Educate yourself!    Here are accounts of the night from the Portland Mercury and the Willamette Week.   The following morning came an initial vote of the city council related to the matter, which is recapped by the Oregonian.  Brian Libby of has chronicled the unfolding of events with particular zeal and offers substantial background on the building whose life is on the line, the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum.

If you have an opinion on the matter, make yourself heard!    The all important city council vote is scheduled for April 22nd, and in the meantime, you can contact your commissioners and Mayor Adams and let em’ know what you think:

Mayor Sam Adams
Phone: (503)823-4120,
Email: [email protected]

Commissioner Randy Leonard
Phone: (503)823-4682
E-mail: [email protected]

Commissioner Amanda Fritz:
Phone: (503) 823-3008
E-mail: [email protected]

Commissioner Nick Fish
Phone: (503) 823-3589
Email:  [email protected]

Commissioner Dan Saltzman
Phone: (503)823-4151
Email: [email protected]