MDiTV Presents the Hepatoblastoma Network

Raising cancer awareness is huge. The clerk at the grocery checkout will ask if you would like to round-up your purchase to donate to breast cancer awareness. At the bank you can find fliers to sign up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Turn on the TV and every third commercial is about a foundation that wants to make you aware. There are a myriad of campaigns for raising awareness; from leukemia to prostate cancer to adult liver cancer to skin cancer, etc. All these campaigns do great things for their respective fields. They generate millions of dollars that fund research which, in turn, betters the type of care the sufferers of these cancers receive.

But there are lesser known cancers out there. And because of their rarity they are either often misdiagnosed, or the treatment protocols are not fully figured out yet. MDiTV is focusing on one of those rare cancers — hepatoblastoma. Hepatoblastoma is a childhood liver cancer that effects about 11.2 children per million worldwide annually. It occurs most frequently in newborns with incidences drastically declining by age three. Protocols to fight it were developed in the early 70’s and have evolved little since. Currently, researchers are struggling to secure funds to advance treatments for patients diagnosed with the cancer. To help raise awareness and join the many voices of support out there already, MDiTV has built the Hepatoblastoma Network.

Beyond raising awareness, the website serves as a community for parents of children with hepatoblastoma. The website offers interviews with medical professionals and researchers, information on symptoms, treatments and a detailed look at the liver. Parents are encouraged to share their child’s story with each other and there is also a Wiki that can be updated by the community. The Hepatoblastoma Network intends to be a place where people can learn more about this rare cancer and grow as a support network.

MDiTV is Gettin’ Some Press!

Joe Smith, a reporter from Portland’s KGW Channel 8, recently stopped by the MDiTV studios to see what this little start-up with big ambitions has been up to. As any small business knows, it comes with great joy when everyone’s hard work starts to get recognized. The full report can be viewed here:

MDiTV’s television studio has found a home in the Leftbank Project

MDiTV is a new kind of media company: we’re a channel that creates original health and medicine programming for distribution online. We present credible and trustworthy information in an engaging and entertaining way.

View our rep video here.

The Leftbank Project (@leftbankproject) is the perfect home for MDiTV (@MDiTVorg). We have both our offices and television studio here, at the end of the hall on the second floor. On one side of the hall we have our offices, where our web team and administrative superstars have made their home. On the other side, the studio is home to the production team, the social media team, and Dr. Robert “Bobby” Lazzara, our CEO.

We feel a particular tie to the Leftbank building because we have similar approaches to business. At MDiTV, we are breaking new ground: we want to help people get the information they need to live a healthy life. We’re running a paperless office and doing all we can to minimize our impact. The Leftbank building does the same: recycling building materials, the great eco-roof, the plentiful bike parking. We’re both working towards a healthy world, and a more connected world.

View a still from the MDiTV show “Second Opinion,” hosted by CEO and company founder Dr. Robert Lazzara (@MDiTVLaz).

As we approach our launch, the benefits of being in the Leftbank Project become more and more apparent. Personally, I see the benefit when my coworkers walk in with their bike helmets, having come from a location shoot or from home. As part of the social media team at MDiTV, the location really benefits me because I can get to all the networking and tech events that I need to, sometimes as easily as walking a couple blocks to the convention center.

MDiTV is one of a new wave of tech start-ups, focusing on accessible media. You’ll be able to find us on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and every place you can access the internet. When you sprain you ankle, open open the MDiTV app and watch a doctor show you what has happened to your ankle and give step-by-step instructions to wrap it. Pull out your tablet on the bus and watch the latest in medical news. MDiTV provides the information and fresh insights that you need and want, wherever you are.

Come visit us at MDiTV, we would love to show you our studio!

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