the lobby’s work in progress…

In the early days of Leftbank’s creation, while its vision and design were still largely shapes in the fog, an architectural idea emerged in the lobby. Without question, the textures, artifacts and epic spaces of the building inspired a thousand ideas at that time… but this one I held particularly dear. I’m truly excited to say Leftbank has at long last commissioned me to execute it. Passing though the lobby over the next few weeks you’ll see the process unfold – don’t hesitate to say hi.

In the meantime, here are a few shots from the effort:

Tropical Salvage

A while back I wrote about our friends at Tropical Salvage and their good work in this post.  I’m so happy to report that after many weeks at sea, the Tropical Salvage shipping container arrived bearing loads of beautiful furniture for Leftbank (including desks for the Hive).

Going above and beyond the call seems to be standard practice for these people.  In addition to partnering with Leftbank to bring the project incredible, ecologically and ethically sound furniture, Kevin Havice then spent 2 days helping us get it moved in and teaching us to care for it.  Now we’re armed with the knowledge we need to keep these pieces gorgeous and functional far longer than any of us will be.  Thank you so much, Kevin and Tim!