It’s Back- Oyster Social at Upright!

We’ll be at Upright again on Friday, February 13 to celebrate the release of the 2015 Oyster Stout!


Oyster Social, Portland’s premiere pop-up raw bar, will be making another appearance at the Upright Brewing tasting room.

Join us to sample all their fine beers, including the release of the infamous Oyster Stout (yes, it’s really made with oysters!).

When: Friday, February 13th – 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Where: Upright Brewing Tasting Room

Who: Foster’s Craft Cooking & Upright Brewing

Sip beer and slurp freshly shucked oysters right on the spot. Eat one or a dozen–the world is your oyster at $2 each.

put a bird in it

Have you seen them? The 7 small works of art and avian architecture gracing leftbank’s lobby right now? I can’t walk by without hearing that They Might Be Giants song. You know the one? “Make a little birdhouse in your soul…

Why are there (supercool) birdhouses hanging in the lobby? It’s a project that WeMake manifested for PDX Design Week. What’s the WeMake connection with Leftbank? Yvonne Perez, AKA Creativegirl. Yvonne and her WeMake crew handed out birdhouse kits to local artists. Not just any birdhouse kits, but kits that added up to little midcentury modern homes – and kits that themselves served mostly as a jumping off point for the artists. The artists then took the birdhouses in every direction. There are some pictured on Creativegirl’s blog, some here, and 7 hanging in the lobby. Besides Yvonne, other Leftbankers including Sockeye and Fashionbuddha joined in on this. Both those 3rd floor tenants built houses.

The birdhouses are all over town at the moment, and they’ll come together again for an auction at Union Pine on October 12th. The auction supports arts and music education in the public schools of Portland and Multnomah County through All Hands Raised and First Octave.

Thank you, WeMake! Thank you, Yvonne! This is why I love Leftbank.

the lobby’s work in progress…

In the early days of Leftbank’s creation, while its vision and design were still largely shapes in the fog, an architectural idea emerged in the lobby. Without question, the textures, artifacts and epic spaces of the building inspired a thousand ideas at that time… but this one I held particularly dear. I’m truly excited to say Leftbank has at long last commissioned me to execute it. Passing though the lobby over the next few weeks you’ll see the process unfold – don’t hesitate to say hi.

In the meantime, here are a few shots from the effort:

A message from our friends at Uncommon

Today we are happy.  Our Spring Collection is available in Apple stores nationwide.  Go and check it out here, or stop by and say hello.  We are on the 2nd floor, suite 203.

meet the leftbank dogs – part 2

This week we have the distinct pleasure of meeting Dogan, the  beautiful Golden Retriever you have probably seen wandering around the  building.  Dogan’s companion is Bethany from Blue Tree Strategies  located on the second floor.  I often walk past their office and see  Dogan chilling out by the glass partition, the remnants of various toys strewn around him.

Dogan is 4 years old and is originally from South Carolina.  He’s a fine Southern Gentleman who enjoys long walks on the beach and frequent  skinny dipping to retrieve balls.  Bethany adopted him from a rescue organization just over two years ago and gave him a wonderful second chance to have a meaningful, fulfilling life.  Together they drove out to Portland about 7 months ago, visiting over 12 states along the way.  His favorite foods are bacon (who doesn’t love bacon??) and cake.  Let them eat cake, I say.

Dogan visiting our office for his interview and being a perfect gentleman

Dogan visiting our office for his interview

Dogan is very lucky to be allowed to sleep on Bethany ‘s bed, provided he gets her up on time and provides lots of snuggles.  He, unlike my dog Chica, is very generous with his space and sticks to his half of the bed.

Dogan has a girlfriend (he is such a handsome guy, after all – who could resist him?) Her name is Stevie (as in Nicks?) and she is a  German Shepherd.  I’m sure they make a stunning couple.

Next time you see Dogan, stop and say hi. He is very friendly and loves to meet new people.

Meet the leftbank dogs

This week we are introducing Greta the German Shorthair Pointer.  At the tender age of 3 1/2, Greta presents herself as a very proud lady, as evidenced from her profile picture.  Greta’s companions are Holly and David from DC202 and Greta comes to work with them every day where she gets to hang out with the rest of the DC202 crew – human and canine alike.  She has lots of canine friends in the DC202 office including Suvi, Sid and Tucker (who we will introduce later in this series).  Tucker provides the local ear cleaning service which Greta seems to love.

Greta receiving Tucker's salon services

Greta receiving Tucker's salon services

...and now for the right ear.

...and now for the right ear.

Greta’s favorite place to run is the beach and she makes the journey out to the coast often.  She also loves to roam around the area where she lives and, being as she is a pointer – originally bred for hunting, she loves the game of hide and seek.  David hides a tasty morsel somewhere in the grounds behind their house and Greta loves to go hunting for it.  She is also partial to bones and, if there are none to be had, she can often be found with her favorite toy – a ball.   Greta loves to play fetch and can play for hours in Forest Park.

So, next time you pass Greta in the Leftbank hallways, please stop and say hi.

Uncommon Relief for Haiti

We have all been watching the horrors in Haiti unfold over the past ten days.   Some of us have been doing more than just watching.   Our Leftbank neighbors at Uncommon have been rolling their sleeves up and helping to raise funds for the disaster relief efforts of the Red Cross.  Please visit their website here to find out how you can be a part of this process.  Also, please don’t forget that you can easily donate $10 by texting “Haiti” to 9099 on your cellphone.

One building – 95 ideas

The submissions are in… 95 in all.  And you are invited to learn all about them.  Which vision for Portland’s Memorial Coliseum will win the hearts and minds of the Rose Quarter Advisory Committee?  On January 26th, all those who submitted an idea will have an opportunity to present their vision to the general public.  The event will be held at the Coliseum (a mere stone’s throw away) and doors open at 5pm.  For more information and to register for free tickets click here.

Wanna get happy?

I wanted to share some good news with my fellow Leftbankers:

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week (December 2nd, 3rd and 4th) the Leftbank Cafe will be open all day until 8pm with HAPPY HOUR from 5 – 8pm – so come down and join us for some happiness!

We will have an assortment of beer (and Upright, of course) and local wines – with pairing suggestions to go with our wonderful soups.  There will also be a very tasty charcuterie plate that can be paired with just about anything.

And, of course, being as this is happy hour – the prices will make you happy too.

biking = 50cent coffee.

Add one more line to the list of benefits to biking….  50 cent coffee.

In honor of the BTA’s bike commute challenge, the cafe is offering deliriously fresh stumptown coffee for only 50cents to bike commuters all month!     Leftbank has super-ample bike parking and if you’ve yet to see it, the Leftbank cafe is a fine, fine place to take a pause before rolling down the road…    If you already come by regularly, consider this a little pat on the back for living well and treading lightly!

Special thanks to Stumptown for partnering up on this one.           Also, if you’re new to biking in the area, we’ve put together a map (extra thanks to Carl and Greg) to show you the most simple ways to roll in.     If you’re just getting into the commuter thing, the BTA is offering free bike commuter workshops, too.   So think about it – cheap coffee, free workshops, fresh air and bike fun?    Recipe for a fine September, no doubt.

…and in closing, here are a few shots of my coffee getting down with my bike.

see you out there~