Green Computing

Well, I mean, why not? Let’s get on this bandwagon.

We at OTC have actually been playing with/installing/testing these for a while now, and we can officially say they get the OTC stamp of approval. We installed 5 of them inside Backspace for Internet kiosks, and they have yet to have a single problem with them (and those machines get beat on in ways you don’t even want to know about). We even are using one in suite 102. And with 90% less power consumption than your average desktop, that’s some pretty sweet energy savings.

Also, John has been playing with this as well, which is pretty cool. Unless you’re as geeky as us, the “About Moblin” section will probably read like greek to you, as it’s written by Linux nerds that work at Intel, who if they happen to either belong to a World of Warcraft guild or play D&D, will have the best geek trifecta of all time. But anyway it is really cool to see large companies like Intel both embracing open-source software and also the whole netbook/nettop idea of more affordable, lower power consumption hardware that relies more on the power of the Internet to provide storage and resources.

but is it ‘green’?

At the request of some friends, we’ve put together a list of reasons why people might call this ‘green’… more