beautiful work, beautiful building

Sometimes I keep my head down and slog through the decidedly unsexy parts of my work. You know, drafting agreements, tracking budgets, connecting dots between tenants and property management… And sometimes I take a breath, I look up, and I notice the fantastic range of things that are made, decided, or first conceived of in this building. Sometimes I wish I were a fly on the wall in every office so I could take in the full range of creativity and dedication this place is so rich with.

When Daniela Caine joined the Hive, I was introduced to her freelance design work through her company the gestalter. Turns out Daniela, like nearly every Leftbanker I know, has eggs in more than one basket. She’s also part of a recently launched company designing and selling patterns for children’s clothing. While Daniela designs for a number of larger companies (including Nike, Adidas, and Columbia), Figgy’s is an inspired, personal venture. Just for fun, when you click on the link in that last sentence – see if you recognize Leftbank.

There isn’t enough time in the day to take in and fully appreciate all that Leftbankers do, but I had to share this irresistible spark. Daniela makes me wish I could sew.