The mezz is the super dynamic extra layer between the ground and upper floors… it involves a loading dock, a catwalk, a triangle shaped room and some of the most visible space in the entire building. It spans from the northern corner of the old Hazelwood building to the far end of the storage building, connected by a new catwalk through the lobby. more

2nd Floor

On the second floor of the Hazelwood building, one finds the single most iconic space in the entire Leftbank district. It is a triangular shaped room flanked by half moon arched windows on its’ northern and western ends. These windows make up the top of A.E. Doyle’s great brick archways; visible to any eyes traveling from downtown today (or southbound on the flint avenue bike sneak) and trace the same elegant lines undoubtedly taken in by Thelonious, Satchmo and so many others in times past. They’re what make this building a landmark in Portland. The space was originally the site of the bakery in the Hazelwood Creamery, and houses a man sized safe, among other things. Maple floors, exposed rafters and high ceilings… and then there’s the view. It’s good. more

3rd Floor

What a lovely floor. It’s the top of the old Hazelwood building and the 1950’s ‘storage’ building. Two large rooms, one triangular (about 6,000 square feet) and with a tasty panoramic view of the west hills and north Portland; the other, 5,000 sq.ft, with not a single column… clear spanning beams make for one contiguous maple floor, nearly 50’x100′. An exposed ceiling w/ an uncharacteristically deep hue + some new skylights equals something that’s really nice. more


In the Leftbank, the lobby is imagined to be more of a living room than anything else. It’s a place to gather, connect with a visitor, or just sit down and have a drink (we’d like to see a cafe in there). It’s adjacent to the ballroom space, but as different as can be. The space was historically used for packing and shipping, it’s garage doors on the west opening up onto Wheeler street to allow the exchange. As a result, this space was never finished out beyond the most utilitarian standard. We intend to keep it that way, but add some soft furniture and good coffee, and probably sweep the floors a bit more often. more

1st Floor

Aside from housing the most iconic (and public) spaces in the building, the 1st floor has some great tenant spaces, as well. The main floor of the garage building is a (roughly 5000sq.ft.) room with access to both Vancouver and Wheeler streets. Originally an auto garage, this one was built to last. Concrete walls and floor and heavy timber posts and beams above. Clean light from southern clerestories make for an energetic yet introspective space. more