Something’s Brewing at Leftbank

No confirmation yet, we’re waiting to “cross the t’s and dot the i’s” but Leftbank is well on the way to having an on site craft brewery. Plans call for a small production facility specializing in progressive farmhouse style beer with open tank fermentation. This traditional brewing method will be unique to Portland and captures the essence of the great rustic breweries of France and Belgium. For craft beer enthusiasts there are few things more exciting than watching the vigorous rumble of fermentation in the tank.

Hops for the process are set to come specifically from family operated Oregon farms while the bulk of the brewery’s malt will be certified organic from Great Western Malting in Vancouver Washington. Some of the beers will be matured in used oak barrels secured from local wineries. Many of these special barrel-aged beers will have fresh fruit added during the extended fermentation combined with special yeasts and bacteria to produce beers of exceptional complexity.

Seeing these traditional methods combined with hybrid geek/tech management and utilizing local agriculture is something Leftbank is proud to stand behind, and heck what’s not to love about great beer.