biking = 50cent coffee.

Add one more line to the list of benefits to biking….  50 cent coffee.

In honor of the BTA’s bike commute challenge, the cafe is offering deliriously fresh stumptown coffee for only 50cents to bike commuters all month!     Leftbank has super-ample bike parking and if you’ve yet to see it, the Leftbank cafe is a fine, fine place to take a pause before rolling down the road…    If you already come by regularly, consider this a little pat on the back for living well and treading lightly!

Special thanks to Stumptown for partnering up on this one.           Also, if you’re new to biking in the area, we’ve put together a map (extra thanks to Carl and Greg) to show you the most simple ways to roll in.     If you’re just getting into the commuter thing, the BTA is offering free bike commuter workshops, too.   So think about it – cheap coffee, free workshops, fresh air and bike fun?    Recipe for a fine September, no doubt.

…and in closing, here are a few shots of my coffee getting down with my bike.

see you out there~

food! drink! coffee!

At long last, we’re proud to announce the construction of the Leftbank cafe is underway. Kitchen to Leftbank’s living room, you’ll soon find it in the lobby chock full of good stuff. Looking back, It was clear from the start that within the building we needed nourishing food, satisfying drinks and delicious coffee. This was not only to keep everyone sated, spirited and loose, but also to weave a few more of the greatest threads of Portland’s culture together. What we didn’t know then was that the best way to do it right was to find a good partner and do it ourselves.

We’ve done just that, and in collaboration with Bon Appetit Food Management Company, we’ve developed what promises to be a great spot to meet, chow, swing by, unwind, power up or… well, whatever. Guided by Bon Appetit’s progressive ethic, the cafe will be filled with tasty things organic, local and seasonal. It will also offer up damn good regional beers backed up by a full bar, and pour some of the best coffee on the planet (that’s Stumptown, if you’re curious). Much of the daily menu and specific offerings are still in development, so look for updates on that soon. But rest assured, before we get too deep into this budding springtime, we’ll have a new place to gather at Leftbank.

check out the rendering below – an earlier conceptual one, but pretty telling of what’s to come. The design was made by Portland’s Litmus Design + Architecture, designers of some of our town’s most memorable food spots.