Leftbank Café Takes Shape

Leftbank’s Project Manager Brian Keicher, and Site Superintendent Hans Arenz are swinging hammers.  Not that those guys don’t regularly do whatever it takes to get the job done, but it’s fun to have photo documentation.

hans-cafe worker-in-cafe

The long-awaited, eagerly anticipated Leftbank Café is nearly complete!  Feels like I’ve been asked about it by nearly everybody who lives or works within a 2 mile radius of Leftbank in the last month.  With construction wrapping up this week, the café is right on schedule to move in as we close out the month of May, and they’ll be open for business on Monday, June 1st.  Our hungry neighborhood is about to have a friendly spot with Stumptown Coffee and brewed-in-the-building Upright Beer on tap.  The menu offerings include organic, locally sourced ingredients and regional wines, too.

I’m about to have something besides a cheese sandwich in a brown bag for lunch, and I couldn’t be happier about it.