B(eat) Corp

Certified B Corporations address social and environmental issues through the power of business. Currently 454 companies have met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency and earned certification. Why does certification exist? Why do companies get certified? From the B Corp website:

“B Corporations’ performance standards enable consumers to support businesses that align with their values, investors to drive capital to higher impact investments, and governments and multinational corporations to implement sustainable procurement policies.”

Are you part of a B Corp? Do you do business with any B Corps? 30 of the 454 are located in Oregon. Not too shabby. Two are here in Leftbank. FMYI and Blue Tree Strategies have both been part of this place from nearly the beginning. Obviously passionate about their work and pushing the B Corp agenda, they’re working together to spread the word. Check it out.

meet the leftbank dogs – part 2

This week we have the distinct pleasure of meeting Dogan, the  beautiful Golden Retriever you have probably seen wandering around the  building.  Dogan’s companion is Bethany from Blue Tree Strategies  located on the second floor.  I often walk past their office and see  Dogan chilling out by the glass partition, the remnants of various toys strewn around him.

Dogan is 4 years old and is originally from South Carolina.  He’s a fine Southern Gentleman who enjoys long walks on the beach and frequent  skinny dipping to retrieve balls.  Bethany adopted him from a rescue organization just over two years ago and gave him a wonderful second chance to have a meaningful, fulfilling life.  Together they drove out to Portland about 7 months ago, visiting over 12 states along the way.  His favorite foods are bacon (who doesn’t love bacon??) and cake.  Let them eat cake, I say.

Dogan visiting our office for his interview and being a perfect gentleman

Dogan visiting our office for his interview

Dogan is very lucky to be allowed to sleep on Bethany ‘s bed, provided he gets her up on time and provides lots of snuggles.  He, unlike my dog Chica, is very generous with his space and sticks to his half of the bed.

Dogan has a girlfriend (he is such a handsome guy, after all – who could resist him?) Her name is Stevie (as in Nicks?) and she is a  German Shepherd.  I’m sure they make a stunning couple.

Next time you see Dogan, stop and say hi. He is very friendly and loves to meet new people.