big week for the market

We are looking ahead to a busy week in the food world. With three markets opening, the Portland Farmers Market office is buzzing, the totes are flying, and the market maps are being finalized. Check our our latest blog entry for all the details.

See you at the market!

EverGreen launches!

The EverGreen cat is officially out of the bag. Our EverGreen composting and recycling campaign got a nice write up today in The Oregonian’s PDX Green column. Read more here and join us at the market tomorrow to see it all in action.

When you stop by the market this weekend, look for the multitude of Earth Day celebration activities happening, including make your own toothpaste and deodorant workshops with Create Plenty, an egg carton creatures activity for kids, hosted by Song Garden Preschool and make your own market kit, hosted by PFM volunteers. Season sponsor COUNTRY Financial will also be on hand distributing reusable tote bags to our produce loving shoppers. Mayor Sam Adams will cap off the celebration with a public launch of EverGreen at 11:30am. It promises to be a day chock full of good food, good community, and good fun.

See you at the market!

Future Energy Conference

In a last minute update, we would like to let you know about the Future Energy Conference going on today and tomorrow at the Oregon Convention Center.  This is the fourth year running for the Northwest Environmental Business Counsel’s Energy Conference and this year proves to be the biggest yet.  This is your chance to gain an up-to-date perspective on the state of the industry and learn about new technologies, how to implement efficiency in buildings and industry and new biofuel projects.

The conference is open April 21st 7:00am – 5:00pm and April 22nd 7:00 am to 3:00pm.  Admission to exhibits and keynotes are free.

For more information click here.

Low carbon diet day…

As most of you know, tomorrow is Earth Day.  To coincide with this and to bring awareness to food-related carbon footprints, all Bon Appetit cafes will be transformed into “low carbon learning venues”.  Have you ever considered how much of a carbon footprint your every day lunch creates?  Now you can find out with Bon Appetit’s Carbon Diet Calculator.  For example, beef and cheese are high carbon foods as the cows they come from emit high levels of methane gas which, as everyone knows, wreaks havoc with the ozone layer and is 23 times more potent than our other favorite toxic run-off, carbon dioxide.

Leftbank Cafe Manager, Leah Wilmoth, said “I stand behind Bon Appetit’s mission to provide healthy sustainable food.  This was one of the main reasons I wanted to work for the company.”  On Earth Day, the Leftbank Cafe will not be serving any types of food that have a high carbon footprint.  Chef Adam Torres said “On a day to day basis we only serve locally sourced foods and tomorrow will be no exception.  We will only have low carbon footprint foods such as Turkey, Tuna and vegetables on the menu.”  The Turkey served at the Leftbank Cafe is locally sourced from Cooper Farms in Stanfield, Oregon and the Tuna is caught off the Oregon coast and canned right here in Portland.

Waste from food packaging is also another high-carbon culprit.  At Bon Appetit all of the to-go boxes and cups are compostable, thereby reducing the carbon footprint further.  It’s up to everyone to consider these things when making their food choices – for the good of this lovely Earth.

new faces

In this installment of “behind the scenes” at Portland Farmers Market, we’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our team, EverGreen Coordinator Ryan McLaughlin. Ryan is a recent transplant to Portland from North Carolina, bringing with him a commitment to environmental conservation, mad trash sorting skills, and an aversion to car ownership. When he is not at the PSU market wrangling refuse and entertaining our EverGreen volunteers, Ryan also works with the Oregon Microenterprise Institute, a statewide association of microenterprise development programs and their supporters. You may occasionally catch him whipping in and out of the Leftbank building on his bike, en route to one adventure or another. Here’s our 30 second glimpse into the head of a refuse loving, okra eating, self described data geek:

PFM: Why are you drawn to the wild world of trash?

Ryan: A combination of fascination with resource use and a childlike desire to be taboo. Trash is one of our ultimate societal outcasts, and we have designed waste systems to remove it from our sight and mind. So by dismissing the norm and embracing waste, I get to feel like a kid who’s doing something bad while having a blast.

PFM: What do you hope we accomplish with the EverGreen campaign?

Ryan: Ultimately, I hope that we will build a system that works year after year. Quantitatively, I would love to see us surpass our 50% diversion goal at PSU by an additional 25%, for a total of 75% diversion.

PFM: Aside from sorting refuse, what’s the best part about working for PFM and/or at the market each week?

Ryan: The atmosphere. I work for a non-profit in an office downtown during the week, so it is really fulfilling to work alongside thousands of excited people in the open air every Saturday.

PFM: What is your favorite season to eat and why?

Ryan: Oh man, that’s tough. Well, I love eating in winter when my body craves rich, nourishing foods. There is something deeply satisfying about eating delicious food when it’s freezing and wet outside. On the other side of that coin, who can complain about the late summer cornucopia? I love the range of colors and flavors that are available at the end of summer, and the transition into fall is an exciting time to cook because the spices I use start to change and suddenly I find myself buying butter again.

PFM: Anything else you’d like the Leftbank community to know about you?

Ryan: What is this, the Dating Game? I’m an Aries, enjoy moonlit walks and smooth jazz…No, seriously, I really want to raise ducks this year, and need to meet someone soon that I can talk to about that. Perhaps someone can connect me with a backyard duck farmer?

If you know that duck farmer, want to volunteer for the EverGreen campaign, or just want to say hi and welcome Ryan to the building, email [email protected] anytime.

See you at the market!

And the winner is….

Pats on backs and hearty handshakes are in order for Alex and the crew at Upright Brewing.  Last weekend, hot on the heels of Upright’s one year anniversary party,  Alex found himself on a plane headed to the World Beer Cup 2010 in the windy city of Chicago where he had entered six of his wonderful brews.  We are happy to announce that he won a bronze medal for his German-style sour ale, Gose.  Congratulations Alex and Gerritt!

Click here for more information on the World Beer Cup 2010.

And here is a blog Alex wrote on his way to the award ceremony, published on Brewmaster’s Corner.

Interested in Green Design? Come to the Green Design Expo at the Annex!

On April 22nd AIGA, Portland’s Professional Association for Design, will host its annual Green Design Expo to be held at the Leftbank Annex.  As part of their sustainability initiative, this year’s expo will be focusing on green design and featuring speakers and vendors from the green design industry.

Along with local product and service vendors, there will be a number of speakers.   The featured keynote speakers are Marty McDonald, the founder and Creative Director of egg – a Seattle-based firm specializing in brand development and communications for sustainable brands – and Hilary Bromberg, egg’s Strategic Director.

Kristin Rogers Brown, Vice-President of AIGA Portland, will be discussing AIGA’s living design principles and Will Villota, Brand Manager at Bonneville Environmental Foundation will be talking about market research into consumer sustainable lifestyle choices.

If you are need of inspiration and want to learn more about sustainable design and how to implement it into your everyday practice, this is the expo for you.

For more information and to RSVP to the event click here

More news from Uncommon

Following hot on the heels of Uncommon’s announcement that their product line was to be rolled out into Apple stores nationwide, we would like to let you know of some more exciting things they are working on.  There is now an application that can be downloaded onto your iphone from the iTunes App Store that lets you browse for artwork, upload your own image or, if you prefer you can snap a photo with your iphone and instantly configure it into a capsule case and place your order there and then.  Of, if you prefer instant gratification, get yourself to the nearest Apple store where you can select from Uncommon’s Spring Collection.

Also in the works, a capsule case for iPod Touch users, set to be available in a matter of weeks.

For more information on these product lines and on Uncommon’s featured artists, check out their April newsletter here.

MDiTV’s television studio has found a home in the Leftbank Project

MDiTV is a new kind of media company: we’re a channel that creates original health and medicine programming for distribution online. We present credible and trustworthy information in an engaging and entertaining way.

View our rep video here.

The Leftbank Project (@leftbankproject) is the perfect home for MDiTV (@MDiTVorg). We have both our offices and television studio here, at the end of the hall on the second floor. On one side of the hall we have our offices, where our web team and administrative superstars have made their home. On the other side, the studio is home to the production team, the social media team, and Dr. Robert “Bobby” Lazzara, our CEO.

We feel a particular tie to the Leftbank building because we have similar approaches to business. At MDiTV, we are breaking new ground: we want to help people get the information they need to live a healthy life. We’re running a paperless office and doing all we can to minimize our impact. The Leftbank building does the same: recycling building materials, the great eco-roof, the plentiful bike parking. We’re both working towards a healthy world, and a more connected world.

View a still from the MDiTV show “Second Opinion,” hosted by CEO and company founder Dr. Robert Lazzara (@MDiTVLaz).

As we approach our launch, the benefits of being in the Leftbank Project become more and more apparent. Personally, I see the benefit when my coworkers walk in with their bike helmets, having come from a location shoot or from home. As part of the social media team at MDiTV, the location really benefits me because I can get to all the networking and tech events that I need to, sometimes as easily as walking a couple blocks to the convention center.

MDiTV is one of a new wave of tech start-ups, focusing on accessible media. You’ll be able to find us on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and every place you can access the internet. When you sprain you ankle, open open the MDiTV app and watch a doctor show you what has happened to your ankle and give step-by-step instructions to wrap it. Pull out your tablet on the bus and watch the latest in medical news. MDiTV provides the information and fresh insights that you need and want, wherever you are.

Come visit us at MDiTV, we would love to show you our studio!

to contact the author, email [email protected]

Earth Day 2010

On April 22nd City Repair will be holding an event in celebration of the 40th year of Earth Day.  The event, which will be held in SE Portland’s Buckman neighborhood,  is a community based event  to promote awareness of environmental issues and progressive organizations.  It also provides an opportunity for everyone to get involved with the local organizations who are dealing with these issues head-on on a daily basis.  This year the theme is Re-Seeding the World – celebrating localization. There will be live music from March Fourth Marching Band, Fruition  and Off the Grid and Mayor Sam Adams will be putting in an appearance.

There will be booths for local, sustainable businesses and non-profit organizations and, if you would like the opportunity to set up a booth, it’s not too late to apply.  Registration information can be found here.  The deadline for booth registration is April 19th.

If you would like to volunteer to help out at the event, click here.  Or you could help with the pre-event neighborhood cleanup, the weekend before the event (April 17th).  Click here to register for the neighborhood spruce-up.