for the love of oysters

For the love of oysters join us for Oyster Social.

Oyster Social is a chance to step into the sea, in your mind’s eye, with your mouth on a bivalve and your hands on a brew.

When: Wednesday April 16 6pm-shellfish are gone
Where: Upright Brewing Tasting Room
Who: Foster’s Craft Cooking & Upright Brewing

Oyster Social will again pop up in the Upright Brewing tasting room to toast the end of the regular season of the Blazers home games. Come taste a flight of Upright beers including their latest batch of award winning Oyster Stout (yes, it’s really brewed with oysters).

Sip beer and slurp freshly shucked oysters right on the spot. Eat one or a dozen–the world is your oyster at $2 a pop!

This is a cash only event. Bring your $1’s!

Oyster Social. Poppin’ Bottles and Bivalves since 2013.