The Morel of the Story: Best Breakfast Ever

By Debra Meadow of Blue Raven Wellness

My husband I had friends over last weekend and one of the couples brought gold for a hostess gift.  They handed me a limp, slightly damp brown paper bag, saying, “Hope you can use these.”  I peered inside to find a nest of perfect morel mushrooms.  Not just three or four, but about a half pound.  Like I said: Gold.  With friends like these, who needs other friends?  Just kidding, other friends: We love you, too.

Morels are difficult to cultivate, which accounts for their rich price tag.  They are the same species as the truffle, so if you look at it that way, they’re a bargain!  As with most wild mushrooms, they are very nutritious and, according to the USDA, are high in iron, phosphorus and potassium and one of the best plant sources of vitamin D.  But, really, I’d just as soon get my vitamin D from the sun.  I eat morels because they are fresh, wild and soooooo over-the-top delicious.  They have an earthy, nutty flavor that sings in comparison to the nearly tasteless cultivated white mushroom, but it’s also not as powerful as the strong-tasting shiitake mushroom. Read more…