cool boots

Leftbank’s basement smells like leather. It has ever since Tanner Goods moved in. I love it. I look for reasons to go downstairs. Sometimes I invent reasons. But Tanner Goods doesn’t just lend their light industrial cool (and that leather smell) to the place – though they certainly do that. They also produce fine products. Another Leftbanker sent this my way recently.

In their second collaboration with Danner (another of my hometown favorite companies), Tanner introduces a rugged-cool boot with Vibram soles made right here in stumptown. Nice.

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On October 11th, 2012 at 2:41 pm Dani Hy Dennenberg said:

Plan on creating an non-leather boots? As an ethical vegan of 18 years, I always looking for shoes that cause the least amount of suffering in the world, animals, planet and human.