what’s your sign?

I love astrology. Not that I believe in it, but I don’t not believe in it. It’s just that the lure of reducing the maddening idiosyncrasies and inexplicable appeal of anyone anywhere to a function of their birthday is irresistible. Astrology is compelling because it implies that if you study it, people – in all their wacky glory – can be predictable and ultimately understood. Of course I’m a charming communicator with a love of information and a small mountain of half-finished projects in my garage. I’m a Gemini. You?

The Chinese zodiac thrills me even more. With ruling signs (12 animals) that reign for a year at a time, Chinese astrology can be applied not just to individuals, but to the character of graduating classes and generations, and even the years themselves.

January 23rd ushered in the year of the Dragon. As the only mystical animal in the zodiac lineup, the Dragon is set apart. Dragon people are said to be larger than life, and Dragon years are said to bring enormous change. The Dragon shakes things up. Maybe the Mayans got it right. Maybe they anticipated the arrival of this Dragon. Maybe there’s a transformative shift in consciousness coming, and maybe 2012 will bring it. Or maybe the Mayans and students of every kind of astrology are looking for patterns in chaos.

Whatever you sign, whatever you believe, Happy Year of the Dragon! Change is inevitable. May the coming changes serve us all.