on its way

The Grand Opening of the Portland Steetcar Loop is September 21, 2012.  If you want to count down with me, that’s 175 days…

Leftbankers’ memory of the brutal Streetcar construction period gives way to building excitement about the coming streetcar.  During test runs last week we got a glimpse of Leftbank and Streetcar side by side.  Lovely!  (Thank you for the photo, Julie Gustafson.)  The first east side stop will be at Leftbank’s front door.

And for the record, Streetcar and Leftbank aren’t just coming together.  They’re coming together again.  The route that brings Streetcar right past the building is the rebuilding of the original Streetcar route on Broadway.  In looking for details about its original construction and removal,  came across this goldmine at pdxhistory.com.  Treat yourself to a few minutes of history and check out incredible photographs from the 1800s.  There are horse drawn streetcars, a photograph of a cable car, and you can see streetcars on the Alberta, the Mt. Scott, and Mt. Tabor lines.