hitting our stride

The Hive is a work in progress.  I don’t mean that it’s unfinished.  I mean that it’s active, evolving, and…  ok, maybe it’s never finished.  Originally conceived as this dynamic entity, this vital force on Leftbank’s ground floor, we always imagined the Hive would feed the fire.  It’s a co-working space, so we saw lots of people working individually: passionate, nimble and brimming with inspiration.  We also predicted shorter tenure for people leasing one desk at a time, and the sort of faster idle speed that characterizes working alone. 

Off and on for months now the Hive has been at capacity.  There’s been a waiting list of hopeful members, and it has kept me busy.  Reworking the directory yesterday got me thinking about what has happened in these 3000 (or so) square feet that most Leftbankers don’t know much about.

Currently, we’ve got a few programmers, a designer of sports apparel, an architect, some film production people, a graphic designer, a personal health consultant, a group developing bio-mass energy projects, a writer, a team working with childcare centers on web-based management, and 2 employees of an eBook library.  In the last year in the Hive, Christian DeBenedetti wrote The Great American Ale Trail (mostly between the hours of 1:00 and 6:00am, I hear), Leon Yeh of Mobiten designed Leftbank’s interactive directory and Jamie Lawson of OTM Productions produced the video for it.  Past Hivers did their moving and shaking from Leftbank’s center and still shape what’s going on in Portland and beyond.  Check out the work of Jonathan Maus and Nino Marchetti for a range of interest and inspiration with some Leftbank history.

The Hive is hitting its stride.  It’s taking shape as the microcosm of the macrovision – Leftbank’s understory.  It’s glorious.