Every year since 1984, PNC Wealth Management has calculated the cost of the 12 days of Christmas.  You know, like in the song.  Someone (several someones, I imagine) adds it all up and puts a pricetag on all the gifts together.   This article by Nick Carbone and published by Time turned me on to this year’s findings.  I was first struck by the fact that someone would bother with the calculation.  Really, does anyone give pipers piping for Christmas?  I’m not even sure what calling birds are, and I imagine plenty of people wouldn’t have room to plant a pear tree, no matter how lovingly it was given.  But apparently PNC takes the work quite seriously (consulting the National Aviary for bird prices, among other things), and like lots of financial analysis – what’s most meaningful is the relative value from one year to the next.

So, take note.  If your true love is coming through with traditional gifts on those glorious 12 days, he or she is spending $101,119.84 on you this year.  That’s up from just under $97,000 last year.  Pricey, but handily mapped out in the song already.  That’s worth a lot, this time of year.