streetside bike parking!

just yesterday the city installed fourteen — count ’em, 14! — staple racks around the perimeter of the building.      It’ll serve as the public parking for all of the visitors starting to trickle into Leftbank, and complement the 21 indoor and 16 (soon to be) covered outdoor spots already in place for tenants (and saavy visitors, of course).  This brings our grand total to 65 bike parking spots and counting..      next up are corrals on wheeler street – the city is going like gang busters installing bike corrals all over town right now, and given we just landed more than a corral’s worth of parking here yesterday, we’ll all be patient.

Oh, and a note on the showers and locker rooms –   pretty much ready to go, if you’re a tenant you should be able to go down right now and clean yourself up — they’re right next to the brewery, downstairs.    …and look for word soon on locker access, etc.     in the meantime, ride well and park happy.