hive talk

Leftbank is about work and about community.  Bees do that like nobody’s business.  Taking a cue from the bee, we’re building a hive.  The Leftbank vision relies on thoughtful, practical work spaces.  For many businesses and groups, ideal workspace is a rentable private office.  For others, a place to land, reliable office amenities, and the inspiring buzz of collective work is a better fit.  This is the model for the hive.

The hive is at the heart of Leftbank, a few steps from the lobby and the café, but contained soundly as its own place.  Hive membership begins with a 6 month agreement and includes a desk, a lockable filing cabinet, a coat locker, and access to the kitchenette, the copy/print room, and 2 reservable private conference rooms.  Membership will cost less than $500 per month.

The hive, like all of Leftbank, will ultimately become what the community in it creates.  Its current trajectory and early momentum are due in large part to a handful of people we want to thank here.  You who shared your time and insight with us in the last couple of months, thank you!  You know who you are, and we hope to bump into you in the hive soon.

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