THE WORKS- Leftbank looks back at TBA ’08

The dust has finally settled, the fairy lights have been packed away and everyone who came for TBA has gone home, but Leftbank doesn’t feel empty any more.  That’s partially due to the tireless construction work which is going on, but also to the trans formative nature of PICA.  They came to the building with artists and friends creating canvasses, conversations, happenings and moments, we were audiences and participants.  By festival’s end I was exhausted and recharged.  We saw and experienced so many great things, included here are links to a few performance reviews and my own reflections on tiny tba, my favorite day this fall…

Willamette Week hosted a number of TBA diary articles, many with video.  Matthew  Korfage posted a great synopsis of the opening night march and Anna Halprin revival happening along with film clips provided by PICA here… Byron Beck raves about Leftbank as a venue and covers the WORKS opening night here… and Mary Christmas rounds out the evening with party photos at Leftbank.

On their website, PICA has a number of blog reviews from outstanding events at the WORKS including, the Neal Medlyn Experience (a live lipsynced Beyonce tribute), The Parenthetical Girls, Ethan Rose & Au, Occurrence Hosted by Reggie Watts, and a write up of the closing night party Brother and Sister where a few brave TBA fans celebrated tattos aquired on the scavenger hunt.

The last day of TBA at the WORKS was devoted to contemporary arts for kids, aka “tiny tba”.  This was my third year as a participant with Indiekid Films, and definitely my favorite.  Belinda and Hova along with Lil G, of Greasy Kid Stuff Mc’d the party with an amazing dance performance from Hot Little Hands , body movement from Anna Oxygen,  and songs from Elizabeth Mitchell.  My kids loved painting the art car from the Children’s Art Healing Project parked in the back lot and making their own visual and verbal poems in a workshop provided by PNCA. I brought in a number of contemporary art films for kids including Makyla Bishop’s Flowers and Love which just showed at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and Joan Gratz’s oscar winning film Mona Lisa Decending a Staircase.  In one of the back rooms we set up a projector and kids made an experimental film on the fly using found 16 mm footage, markers and splicers.  Insturments were on hand inculding the innards from a salvaged piano for impromptu musical accompanyment.  By the end of the afternoon the kids were covered in paint, and peanut butter and completely tuckered out.  I looked around the room and saw some of my very favorite friends from around town meeting for the very first time and collaborating on art projects and thought, “yeah, this is the way things should be.”