Oregon Manifest manifested at Leftbank

This past weekend The leftbank Project buildings played host to custom bike designers, their ardent fans, and more than a few roving bike gangs. The Greenroom saw some of the best bike manufactures in the country gather together to show off their wares. Wherever attendees and vendors weren’t busy admiring bikes they were admiring the many charms of the Greenroom. On Saturday night the guys and gals at Rapha threw one righteous bike shindig, complete with a cyclocross race, beer, and of course, waffles.

Here’s what Bicycling Magazine thought:

Portland Busts Out with its OWN Hand built Show

“The first-ever Oregon Manifest drew more than 3,500 people together at Portland’s Leftbank Project for a three day celebration of the Pacific  Northwest’s vibrant multi-faceted cycling culture. It was the most complete gathering of the city’s many cycling subcultures I’ve seen under one roof. Cigarette smoking messengers, lycra-clad roadies, DIY freak-bikers, half crazed cyclocross racers and completely crazed Zoo Bombers all came together for a weekend to rub tattooed elbows, drink copious amounts of beer, and celebrate their respective cults. Needless to say .. it was a damn good party….”read more